Sunday, September 22, 2013

So it begins.. A Blog.

After months of lucid dreaming on the subject, here I am, staring at a blank page. Okay, so now it isn't blank. The words spill out easily. Catharsis.

I am a different person than last year. Aren't we all you say? Yes, but this journey with yoga has been such a marked change that I feel the need to record it... to type out words to sort it out in my mind. To make it available for others to read. To share as all of those on the hundreds of blogs have shared with me. All of those bloggers, going through exactly what I am, making it more real and understandable.

I lay in bed this morning, as with many others, thinking I'd like to just get all of this down somewhere. A private journal? No, the thought of writing as quickly as my brain thinks makes my hand cramp. I have terrible handwriting. A blog, yes. Somewhere I can work this all out, and share with others as they've shared with me. The thought of sharing inner thoughts with complete strangers makes some cringe. Not me. Show me yours and I'll show you mine. We can learn from each other. There is nothing to hide.

Why Yoga and Taxes? Because I am a tax accountant, but I am not my job, I am a Yogi...I think. Not sure about that one either, since it's only been a year in this love affair with yoga. These things take up most of my time, but directly oppose each other, making me a walking dichotomy. I think this makes for a very interesting story to tell. And so I've begun to tell it.

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